Hangover Causes And Avoidance

When most people think about what causes hangovers, dehydration often pops into their mind first. That may well be part of the problem. But the real cause of hangovers is liver toxicity.
Let me explain.

Your liver has the all important job of clearing out anything that has the potential of doing your body harm. The offender is channelled to your liver. Here it is expelled at a safe rate, to be excreted. Let’s have a look at some of the things that it has to deal with.

Farms use toxic pesticides, fungicides and fertilisers. Food animals are routinely given antibiotics, growth hormones and any other chemical the veterinary profession or drug companies can think of.
The food is then often stored using toxic insecticides, such as grain silos.
Food is normally processed to appear more pure. But the processing often makes it less so, by the use of chemicals.
Then, if you look at your typical environment, with toxic petrochemical fumes ladening the outside air and household cleaning chemicals, furniture and paint ladening the inside air.
Medicines, vaccines, even analgaesics all need to be filtered and disposed of safely. A job for your liver.
All this is part of everyday life. Now go out and have a bit of fun. Have a few drinks with friends. It’s easy to see how overloaded your liver quickly becomes.
Your liver is at work all the time.
So how do you free it up? How can you make its job a bit easier?

Here are four simple ways you can do so now:

Buy healthy food, such as organic or bio-dynamic (try to grow some of your own, organically)
Eliminate chemical household cleaning products and other chemicals in your home
Eliminate all unnecessary medication and look at healthy alternatives, such as homeopathy
Try to take into consideration everything in your life and the impact it has on you. Drinking alone is not responsible for what causes hangovers. If you have a healthy lifestyle, so your liver is just ticking over, rather than in overload, a few drinks is unlikely to have much impact on you.
If your liver is always in overload, a single drink may push it over the edge.
Another factor to consider is the quality of the alcohol you drink. Poor quality alcohol is much more likely to give you a hangover than a good quality.
What causes hangovers? Your overall lifestyle. Becoming aware of every aspect of your life and taking measures to make healthy choices will reflect your whole health, not just your ability to drink without suffering.
To help you with that, next time you go drinking, take a dose of the homeopathic medicine Nux vomica before you start. As soon as you get home, put one dose in a glass of water and sip frequently.
This will not only make the morning after the night before easier, it will give your liver a bit of a spring clean, too.