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Beer And Bones

A recent study was conducted by researchers from the University of California. They selected 100 different types of beer on the market to test the element content of the silicon. Previous studies have shown that silicon is useful to strong bones, but did not specify the different levels from different beers. Charles Forth and his colleague Troy Casey, both of whom are from the University of California Department of Food Science and Technology, concluded that the silicon content of beer is 6.4 milligrams to 56.5 milligrams per liter with an average silicon content of 30 mg per liter. Among them, the silicon content of non-alcoholic beer is 16.3 milligrams per liter while the number of wheat beer is 18.9 milligrams per liter. Daily Telegraph in British has reported that beer of the original acid is an important source of an important source of absorbing silicon for westerners. Study did not mention the best daily intake of silicon. Right now, Americans absorb 20 mg to 50 mg silicon everyday on average.

Beer is brewed from malt. The researchers found that, compared with dark malt, light malt has more silicon elements but the reasons has not been identified. In addition, the hops used in brewing beer are rich in silicon, which can achieve the average of four times than the malt on silicon content. The researchers said that India beer often used a relatively larger amount of hops instead of less consumption of wheat beer. “Beers contained higher malt and hops often have higher silicon content” Forth said, “Silicon content from barley is more than that from the wheat.” The researchers found that the excessive heating in the process of dark beer brewing could undermine silicon content in beer. However, Forth said:”Factors which affect the content of silicon in the process of brewing have not been fully examined.”

Beer’s health effect could have brought good news for wine and beer drinkers. However, the researchers cautioned that people should not be excessive drinking. Forth gave his recommendation: “Select your favorite beer, moderate drinking, silicon would be provided for the body by this ways.” By the way, many studies have shown that excessive drinking is not conducive to strong bones, and even lead to osteoporosis, so people shouldn’t keep bones healthy by drinking alcohol.

Hangover Causes And Avoidance

When most people think about what causes hangovers, dehydration often pops into their mind first. That may well be part of the problem. But the real cause of hangovers is liver toxicity.
Let me explain.

Your liver has the all important job of clearing out anything that has the potential of doing your body harm. The offender is channelled to your liver. Here it is expelled at a safe rate, to be excreted. Let’s have a look at some of the things that it has to deal with.

Farms use toxic pesticides, fungicides and fertilisers. Food animals are routinely given antibiotics, growth hormones and any other chemical the veterinary profession or drug companies can think of.
The food is then often stored using toxic insecticides, such as grain silos.
Food is normally processed to appear more pure. But the processing often makes it less so, by the use of chemicals.
Then, if you look at your typical environment, with toxic petrochemical fumes ladening the outside air and household cleaning chemicals, furniture and paint ladening the inside air.
Medicines, vaccines, even analgaesics all need to be filtered and disposed of safely. A job for your liver.
All this is part of everyday life. Now go out and have a bit of fun. Have a few drinks with friends. It’s easy to see how overloaded your liver quickly becomes.
Your liver is at work all the time.
So how do you free it up? How can you make its job a bit easier? Read More

Resveratrol Compound In Wine

Though the French love their rich and fat laden foods, they do not suffer from cardiovascular problems as much as Americans or the Scottish do. This paradox had puzzled the scientists across the world before they discovered resveratrol, the miraculous compound present in the skin of grapes and red wine. Resveratrol is nothing but a polyphenol flavanoids which reduces the rate of cardiovascular and cancer related problems in people. The French people love drinking wine with every meal and hence that is what helps them to prevent these diseases.
Resveratrol is a fat soluble antioxidant which helps in preventing the damage caused by the free radicals. Scientists have discovered that this compound also posses some great anti inflammatory and anti coagulating properties.
While the anti-inflammatory properties prevent the diseases caused due to inflammation, the anti coagulating properties help in preventing the plaque formation and the subsequent hardening of the arteries.
It has been discovered that certain enzymes help in enhancing the carcinogenic properties of certain harmful products that enter the body. Resveratrol helps in preventing these enzymes from metabolizing these substances and protects us against cancers. It also aids in repairing the DNA cells which can become cancerous and multiply indiscriminately in the body. When these cells multiply into tumors, they have to have their own blood supply to multiply. It’s seen that the regular intake of resveratrol does not allow these processes to occur since it helps in preventing the inflammation and the multiplication of these cells.
Atherosclerosis or the hardening of the arteries is a predecessor to the heart related problems. Regular intake of resveratrol helps in protecting the arteries and preventing plaque formation. Resveratrol also helps in preventing clots formation in the blood which may lead to a stroke or heart attack as well. It’s a known fact that strokes and heart attacks are the major factors in causing premature disability or death in today’s world.
Since it prevents the free radical build up, clot formation and inflammation, it’s an obvious fact that resveratrol helps in enhancing the life span as well. In the lab experiments, it has been observed that resveratrol enhances the life span by preventing the degenerative actions of certain enzymes and enhancing the others. There is no specific proof that resveratrol will display the same effect on humans, however there is nothing to say that this may not be possible.
Though red wine is the most popular source of resveratrol, people who do not like to drink can take resveratrol in form of supplements available in the market. However, most researches have shown that a low regular intake of red wine not only helps in enhancing your cardiovascular system and boosting your immune system, it also helps in decreasing the high stress levels that affect us in today’s modern and jet setting world.
Resveratrol may not be a magic pill but it’s definitely a great option to prevent ageing and other lifestyle related problems. If the French can remain healthy with resveratrol, why cant the rest of the world?

Health Effects of Wine Tips Guide

The 30-Second Trick for Health Effects of Wine

There wasn’t any effect on blood glucose. The side effects brought on by alcohol are seen till it’s eliminated from the system. There are a number of other interesting side effects to day-to-day alcohol consumption.

Health effects of wine

What About Health Effects of Wine?

At this phase of knowledge, it probably isn’t wise to get started drinking to get hypothetical protective consequences. In case you are prone to the subsequent health issues, illnesses or have a history with them in your loved ones, then wine isn’t for you. Read More