Beer And Bones

A recent study was conducted by researchers from the University of California. They selected 100 different types of beer on the market to test the element content of the silicon. Previous studies have shown that silicon is useful to strong bones, but did not specify the different levels from different beers. Charles Forth and his colleague Troy Casey, both of whom are from the University of California Department of Food Science and Technology, concluded that the silicon content of beer is 6.4 milligrams to 56.5 milligrams per liter with an average silicon content of 30 mg per liter. Among them, the silicon content of non-alcoholic beer is 16.3 milligrams per liter while the number of wheat beer is 18.9 milligrams per liter. Daily Telegraph in British has reported that beer of the original acid is an important source of an important source of absorbing silicon for westerners. Study did not mention the best daily intake of silicon. Right now, Americans absorb 20 mg to 50 mg silicon everyday on average.

Beer is brewed from malt. The researchers found that, compared with dark malt, light malt has more silicon elements but the reasons has not been identified. In addition, the hops used in brewing beer are rich in silicon, which can achieve the average of four times than the malt on silicon content. The researchers said that India beer often used a relatively larger amount of hops instead of less consumption of wheat beer. “Beers contained higher malt and hops often have higher silicon content” Forth said, “Silicon content from barley is more than that from the wheat.” The researchers found that the excessive heating in the process of dark beer brewing could undermine silicon content in beer. However, Forth said:”Factors which affect the content of silicon in the process of brewing have not been fully examined.”

Beer’s health effect could have brought good news for wine and beer drinkers. However, the researchers cautioned that people should not be excessive drinking. Forth gave his recommendation: “Select your favorite beer, moderate drinking, silicon would be provided for the body by this ways.” By the way, many studies have shown that excessive drinking is not conducive to strong bones, and even lead to osteoporosis, so people shouldn’t keep bones healthy by drinking alcohol.